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2019 Summer Study Of The United States Institutes

The United States Embassy in Uruguay is pleased to announce the Study of the United States Institutes Summer 2019 for Scholars, Community Leaders and Secondary School Educators.  The program is designed as a rigorous six-week faculty level seminar hosted at U.S. universities for multinational professional groups. The purpose of the institutes is to provide participants from countries worldwide with a deeper understanding of American society, education, culture, and institutions, past and present, in order to strengthen curricula and improve the quality of teaching about the U.S. in college, university, and secondary school classrooms abroad. This year EIGHT institute programs are offered:

·  American Culture and Values (Scholar Nomination Form

·  American Politics and Political Thought (Scholar Nomination Form)

·  Contemporary American Literature (Scholar Nomination Form)

·  U.S. Foreign Policy (Scholar Nomination Form)

·  Journalism and Media (Scholar Nomination Form)

·  Youth, Workforce Development, and Closing the Skills Gap (Scholar Nomination Form)

·  Religious Freedom and Pluralism in the U.S. (Scholar Nomination Form)

·  Institute for Secondary School Educators - Teachers or Administrators (Secondary School Educator Form)

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